Hunting Adventures
Deer, Elk & Antelope

Welcome to Rio Blanco County, Colorado, where adventure awaits in the great outdoors. This subchapter provides an overview of Rio Blanco County, highlighting the stunning natural beauty and the emergency services available to assist you during your outdoor adventures.

variety of deer species, including mule deer and whitetail deer, providing hunters with a challenging and rewarding hunting experience. With its vast expanses of public land and private ranches, hunters have plenty of opportunities to bag that trophy buck.

Elk Hunting: Elk hunting in Rio Blanco County is also a popular pastime, with thousands of elk roaming the mountains and valleys of the region. The county is home to some of the largest elk herds in Colorado, making it a prime destination for elk hunters. Whether you prefer to hunt on public land or on private ranches, Rio Blanco County offers a variety of hunting opportunities for elk hunters of all skill levels.

Antelope Hunting: For those looking to hunt antelope, Rio Blanco County offers some of the best hunting opportunities in the state. With its wide-open spaces and rolling hills, the county provides the perfect habitat for antelope to thrive. Hunters can enjoy challenging stalks and long-range shots while hunting these elusive and fast-paced animals.

In conclusion, Rio Blanco County is a must-visit destination for deer, elk, and antelope hunters looking to experience the thrill of the hunt in a beautiful and diverse landscape. Whether you are a tourist or a resident hunter, Rio Blanco County has something for everyone. So pack your gear, grab your rifle, and get ready for an unforgettable hunting experience in Rio Blanco County.

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