The Wild Horse Refuge
Craig, Colorado

The Wild Horse Refuge is a completely new facility that was acquired in order to create a special home for Colorado's native Wild Horses. Wild horses (Mustangs) are allowed to roam freely within the Refuge - which has more than 23,000 acres of land for the horses to roam freely.

Our Mission

Protecting Colorado's Wild Horses

As wild horse populations experience increasing Bureau of Land Management (BLM) roundup situations, our goal is to give captured and removed wild horses a home that is as close to being back in the wild as possible. The Wild Horse Refuge is dedicated to preserving the freedom of Colorado's wild mustangs and horses by providing free-range access to over 23,000 acres of natural space. This safe haven for wild horses that have been removed from the wild provides a unique opportunity for them to return to rangeland with amazing natural landscapes, including rocks, trees, hills, buttes, bluffs, and water. We also provide our resident wild horses with exceptional care - which includes an on-site veterinary clinic dedicated to caring for the animals.

However, what really keeps these horses safe, happy, healthy and in good spirits is their individual freedom!  Once new horses arrive after spending nearly a year in crowded and severely restricted corrals at facilities such as the government holding facilities - they run, jump, buck and kick with great enthusiasm the second they regain the ability to run free again!

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