Emergency Services

Welcome to Moffat County, Colorado, where adventure awaits at every turn. Situated in the northwestern corner of the state, Moffat County is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts looking to explore the rugged beauty of the Rocky Mountains. From hiking and camping to fishing and hunting, there is no shortage of activities to enjoy in this picturesque destination

Moffat County is home to a diverse range of landscapes, including expansive deserts, lush forests, and towering mountain peaks. With over 3,000 square miles of public lands, including the stunning Dinosaur National Monument, there are endless opportunities for exploration and discovery. Whether you prefer to hike along scenic trails, cast a line in a pristine river, or simply soak in the breathtaking views, Moffat County has something for everyone.

As you embark on your outdoor adventures in Moffat County, it is important to be aware of the emergency services available to you. The dedicated professionals of Moffat County's emergency services are here to ensure your safety and well-being in the event of an unexpected mishap. From search and rescue operations to medical assistance, these highly trained individuals are equipped to handle any situation that may arise.

So whether you are a tourist visiting Moffat County for the first time or a resident exploring the great outdoors in your own backyard, rest assured that you are in good hands. The emergency services of Moffat County are committed to keeping you safe as you enjoy all that this stunning destination has to offer. Stay prepared, stay safe, and most importantly, have fun exploring the great outdoors of Moffat County, Colorado.