2023 Airstream Basecamp 20X image2023 Airstream Basecamp 20X image2023 Airstream Basecamp 20X image
About Basecamp Basecamp is an outdoor adventurist’s dream. It’s rugged enough to get you as far off the beaten path as you want to go and comfortable enough to keep you there for as long as you want to stay. Economically designed to meet all your getaway needs, Basecamp is equipped with high-end features, an on-board restroom, and living space that converts to a bed. So whether you’re camping, hiking, biking, kayaking, or all of the above, Basecamp is ready to turn your next fun adventure into the best one yet. 1 Rear Hatch From kayaks to bicycles to fishing gear and more, Basecamp’s design provides plenty of room to load and unload large gear through the 26" x 46" rear hatch. 2 More Gear Inside, you have 126" of available cargo depth from the hatch to the galley cabinets without any obstructions in your way.

3 Pop-up Charging Two pop-up charging stations in the kitchen have USB ports and 110V outlets so you can charge all your devices. 4 Kitchen Sink A large, round stainless steel sink is great for preparing food and cleaning dishes. The sink cover doubles as a cutting board and adds counter space when not in use. 5 Two-burner Gas Cooktop Whip up a hearty meal to refuel after the day’s activities. Like the sink, a flat cover provides more working space. 6 Microwave & Refrigerator There’s a fully electric refrigerator and optional microwave, as well as storage spaces for dishes, groceries, and spices. 7 Bench Storage The table legs have a dedicated space inside the bench, and there’s still plenty of room for luggage, gear, and anything you need to stash away. 8 Door Screens The main door features a sliding screen, while the rear hatch has a removable, rolldown screen to let you enjoy the fresh air without all the bugs.